Facial Thread Lift

Lift Your Skin Back To Life.

The secret to youthful and glowing skin is collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of your skin. As we age, the natural production of collagen and elastin decreases.

PDO threads re-stimulate that production by directly forming new collagen structures. This tightens and firms the skin, lifts the target area, and increases volume. 

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What are Mint PDO Threads?

It is a suture-like material. Made from a complex sugar protein polydioxanone. Mint PDO threads are used to tighten skin laxity, creates structures, restores crepiness of skin, and slightly increases volume in the area.  Unlike barbed threads which create lift, Mint PDO threads target collagen stimulation.

How Do They Work?

The treatment consists of placing a fine small needle under the first layer of skin implanting a fine absorbable thread. The needles are inserted into the skin, parallel to the surface, and leaves the thread behind when they are pulled out. 

The body goes into an ‘injury state’ (inflammatory response) that triggers the increased production of collagen and elastin to renew skin at a cellular level. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Facial rejuvenation procedure is relatively quick and easy. Each Mint PDO threads takes just a minute to place with no incision required
  • See an immediate result from skin being tightened, with improvements in firmness for up to a year as new collagen develops
  • Less invasive option
  • Suitable for clients looking for more of a natural process in comparison to using AWT or dermal filler
  • Corrects asymmetry of the face
Thread Lift Price
PDO Threads $15 per thread $12.50 per thread Book Now
Anti Wrinkle Treatments Price
Option 1 from $5.00 Book Now
Option 1 – 100+ units from $3.95 Book Now
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Option 2 – 40+ units from $13.41 Book Now
Anti Wrinkle Packages Price
Anti Wrinkle Treatment – 2 areas from $349 Book Now
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Dermal Filler Price
Dermal Filler – Cheeks (2ml) from $349 Book Now
Dermal Filler – Lips (1ml) from $479 Book Now
Dermal Filler – Lift & Restore Package (3ml) $1800 $1398 Book Now
Lipo Dissolve Chin Sculpting Price
Single Treatment $850 $750 Book Now
Two Treatments* $1390 (Save $110) Book Now

*minimum two treatments are recommended for optimal results. 

Any Questions?

This will vary from patient to patient however we expect the treatment to take approximately 1 hour, plus consultation time.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a facial thread lift over a surgical facelift is the quicker recovery time. Although patients can expect to experience some redness, soreness and a bit of swelling and may wish to take the remainder of the day to rest, most people are able to return to business as usual either immediately, or the following day.

See lasting results for anywhere between 1 and 3 years, this is dependent on the individual. Combine the facial thread treatment with ongoing cosmetic injectable treatments to support overall facial goals to maintain the best results.

Everyone is different and everyone will have different cosmetic goals. At Brisbane Skin & Laser Clinics, we love helping you reach your desired outcome. That’s why we offer complimentary and no-obligation consultations to give you an opportunity to talk to highly trained Cosmetic Nurses and Skin Therapists about the treatments that are best suited to you. Through in-depth discussion, we can develop personalised treatment plans and work to achieve your cosmetic goals together. Give us a call on 1300 100 470 to book your obligation free and complimentary consultation and start your journey with us today.

It’s easy to look and feel great here at Brisbane Skin & Laser Clinics with ZIP payment plans. Create your unique treatment plan with us and simply add it to your ZIP account.

Then at the beginning of the month, ZIP will send you a summary (called a ‘statement’) of what you spend and what you paid in the month.

You can then pay it back in full at the end of the month or pay over time from as little as $40 a month or $21 a week interest-free

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Your safety is our main concern and for this reason, we advise against cosmetic injectable and medical grade treatments whilst pregnant, simply out of precaution and due to the lack of information available on effects on the fetus. However, there are no conclusive studies on these treatments being safe or unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have any concerns about a treatment, please consult your doctor before proceeding.