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With Lira Clinical Skin Care we’ve found the perfect Skin Care partner. In both Professional in-clinic treatments which can target and treat everything from Anti-Ageing, Healing and Brightening and with the majority of the products being available for at-home use to achieve your skin goals.

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Science Discovering Nature’s Secrets

Lira Clinical is the global leader in skin brightening and corrective skincare. Founded by four passionate aesthetic professionals who wanted to disrupt and design the next level of skincare with their unique expertise and think-tank philosophy. Lira Clinical believes that healthy and bright skin is the foundation for beautiful skin. Their award-winning formulas effectively combine the power of science and nature delivering results-driven products and treatments. Continually on the cutting edge of aesthetic technology, Lira Clinical strives to deliver professional skincare for you to “Be Bright. Be Beautiful.”

Produced with the highest quality and most advanced ingredients including: skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, probiotics, plant stem cells and advanced peptides to deliver superior results.

At BAWSS we can’t wait to show you your very best skin.

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Beautifully balance skin through a unique approach utilizing powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness-reducing ingredients. These products are designed to balance the skin’s micro-biome while optimizing skin health through topical probiotic technology. Lira’s exclusive brightening and healing MASQ-tech™ innovation prevents future pigment formation and evens skin tone. A healing peptide delivery system offers active agents a skin-friendly pathway clarifying the skin’s complexion.

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Biologically inspired by life and renewal, this hydrating and restoring line is perfect for all skin types. The BIO line is infused with the best of science and nature from healing minerals, plant stem cells, botanical and marine extracts, hyaluronic acid and designer peptides.

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This advanced exfoliation and lightening line delivers the professional edge on anti-aging and skin brightening. PRO products are formulated to target all skin conditions with the next generation of designer peptides, refining retinol, brightening hexylresorcinol, and skin tightening poly-hydroxy acids. This line is essential for effective cellular turnover and skin renewal.

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This luxury illumination line brings out the radiance in your skin with all natural and exclusive MASQ-tech™ skin brightening technology, orange plant stem cells, and powerful botanical antioxidants.

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Don’t know where to start?  Try Lira Core 4.

Lira products are produced with the highest quality and most advanced ingredient technology to target four core skin concerns. 

Lira Acne Core 4 with Free Gift
Lira Anti Ageing Core 4 with Free Gift
Anti Ageing
Lira Pigment Core 4 with Free Gift
Lira Redness Core 4 with Free Gift
Lira PH Balancing Core 4 with Free Gift
PH Balancing

Lira Home Treatments

Your Therapists are here to help you learn what your skin needs, how to layer your Lira Clinical Skincare and how to expertly apply your skincare for a home-style Facial Treatment to get your skin through this time at home.

Lira Clinical has something to target every skin concern and all skin types.

Lira Clinical is Brightening

Almost every product contains lightening agents and brightening botanicals to even skin tone.

Lira Clinical is Healing

Skin health is restored with powerful anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants and minerals.

Lira Clinical is Anti-ageing

Younger looking skin is revealed with powerful peptides, plant stem cells and precise peel technology.

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