Total Body Collagen Peptide Powder


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500g Soluble Powder

3 teaspoons daily dissolved in a beverage.


Total Body Collagen Peptide Powder

Total Body Collagen Peptide Powder helps provide the necessary building blocks to restore and repair the gut lining, keeping our immune system strong and increase our overall well‐being. Our Bio-active Collagen blend works as a signal protein to increase the body’s natural Collagen production.

Our Total Body Collagen Peptide Powder is enzymatically hydrolysed for maximum absorption and rapid utilisation, specifically targeting the strength and integrity of essential structures, keeping our bones, muscles, joints and ligaments stronger. Collagen is 90% protein, low kilojoule, no sugar and no carbohydrates. 

Collagen occurs naturally in our bodies and is the protein which helps makes our skin plump, taut and strong. But as we get older, our Collagen levels can drop and our bodies require a helping hand to maintain a steady production, so this is where collagen-rich skincare and supplements come to the rescue. 

Our body uses amino acids to build muscle, bone, cartilage, skin, hair, connective tissue, and much more. There are many different types of amino acids, but the most abundant kind in your body make up collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that forms your connective tissues and skin, giving it strength and elasticity. Our Total Body Collagen Peptide Powder keeps your collagen levels up and can help to wind back your skin clock!

Key Ingredients
Total Body Collage Nutritional Facts Total Body Collagen Amino Acids

Quality Hydrolysed Collagen containing Bio-active Collagen peptides, for best absorption and effect. 

No GMO, Soy-free, No artificial sweeteners, Gluten-free, Non-dairy, Egg-free.

Potential Benefits
  • 100% hydrolysed collagen
  • Bio-active collagen peptides
  • For better absorption and effect
  • Supports bone and cartilage strength/recovery
  • Improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails
  • Supports bone repair and health
  • Supports tendon/ligament improvement
  • Assists gut health
Dosing & Administration

With virtually no taste you add in and mix to dissolve 3 teaspoons into water alone or to your favourite beverage or smoothie. Stir to dissolve and consume daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Store below 25 degrees C in a closed bag.


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