Skin Detox Package

Skin Detox Package

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Start the year with a skin detox!

Our Lira Skin Detox package is a powerful probiotic treatment to refresh, protect and brighten your skin. Suitable for all skin types.




Reveal a beautiful, bright complexion while releasing impurities and pretoxing with natural charcoal and pumpkin enzymes. Restore the vitality and health of your skin by guarding against pollution with this bundle’s botanical antioxidants and powerful probiotics. Restore your skin glow and texture like never before with potent peptides and natural anti-ageing ingredients. This treatment package is suitable for all skin types. 

This powerful treatment combines a professional in-clinic Pumpkin Refresh Skin Peel with two take-home products to ensure you are getting the most out of your peel. The take-home products in this package are the BIO Hydra C Serum with PSC and ICE Refining mask with PSC. Read more about these below.


Package includes:

Pumpkin Refresh Skin Peel

The ultimate detoxifying peel, packed full of probiotics. Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super fruit pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight environmental pollution.

BIO Hydra C Serum with PSC

This potent Vitamin C serum works to refresh, hydrate and brighten the skin. Formulated with 20% Vitamin C to reveal healthy refreshed skin. The BIO Hydra C Serum protects against harmful free radicals with powerful antioxidants and encourages skin hydration, healing and rejuvenation.

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Lira ICE Refining Masque with PSC

This soothing clay-based masque works to refine pores and reduce oil production in your skin. The masque is ideal for calming inflamed skin and managing acne with a unique formula combining Salicylic Acid, Mastiha, Plant Stem Cells and other nourishing ingredients. The Salicylic Acid works its magic to unclog pores and reveal a more refined and clear complexion, so you can feel your best!

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About Lira Clinical Skincare

Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios proudly stock a wide range of Lira Clinical products.

Lira Clinical skincare is uniquely smart and sophisticated. Their team of industry-leading skincare experts, medical professionals and skilled chemists have carefully developed Lira Clinical products with results in mind. They are at the forefront of the industry through cutting edge technology, product perfection, and real results. All Lira products are free from parabens and contain the best possible natural ingredients. Each product is designed with advanced ingredient technology so you can immediately see long-lasting results.

Our highly qualified and experienced dermal therapists will be happy to discuss your specific skincare needs and goals in a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Come into any Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studio clinic and we can help suggest an at-home or in-clinic skincare plan specifically tailored, just for you.