Dr Zac Turner

Our Medical Director Dr Zac’s role is to ensure the highest quality medical practices and outcomes for clients. After several years of practical nursing experience, he went on to successfully complete a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Sydney. Dr Zac is highly sought out in industry due to his depth of knowledge and experience and is a regular health expert on Media Platforms discussing all levels of Health and Cosmetic Treatments and Anti Ageing Medicine.

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RN: NMW001880427

Trinh Nguyen RN

Trinh is a Cosmetic Registered Nurse with over 10 years in the beauty industry. Trinh is committed to helping clients enhance their features to achieve a balanced and harmonised facial structure whilst still looking natural. She makes sure her clients love their results and says “I really take the time to find out what you’d like to achieve, do a full facial assessment and create a treatment plan to suit you.”

Trinh loves the HEALITE treatment offered at BAWSS as it is a non-invasive and relaxing treatment. According to Trinh it’s the perfect way to help aid recovery after injectables. Trinh is an expert in enhancing lips and mid/lower face restoration. “I love it when my clients see the instant results of injectable it makes them feel good about themselves.”

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RN: NMW0002223466

Chantelle Atkinson RN

Our Cosmetic Nurse Chantelle has been in the beauty industry since 2004. She recently became a Registered Nurse after experience as a beauty therapist and Dermal/Laser technician. Chantelle believes that “each person is unique and beautiful in their own way” and loves the ability she has to empower a client with renewed self-confidence.

Chantelle is a highly experienced dermal and laser therapist and is an expert in muscle relaxants and dermal fillers. She loves to create treatment plans that suit each individual client and working with their natural structures to create a symmetrical and youthful final result she is certain they will love. Chantelle loves Hydration fillers/Vital Injector as they restore hydration and rejuvenate the skin for a luminous glowing complexion.

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RN: NMW0002165995

Jodie Church RN

Registered Cosmetic Nurse Jodie is an expert in Dermal Fillers because she appreciates that every client has different anatomy and aesthetic goals. She loves to assess each and every client individually and understand the goal of what they want to achieve. This helps her deliver beautiful results that clients love every time.  With 3 years of nursing experience, Jodie loves her job and has “ a huge passion for helping others achieve their cosmetic goals and to transform them into the best possible version of themselves!”

Jodie has herself tried many of our treatments offered, but her favourite is our Redensity treatment. Focussing on one particular area of whole face rejuvenation it is particularly effective as it combines skin needling and dermal filler all in one. Jodie explains that “Fine lines and wrinkles slowly disappear each treatment as the dermal filler product is needled under the skin. The needling action also stimulates collagen and helps with wound healing, creating soft, healthy and glowing skin!”. She loves the amazing results it gives her clients. 

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Rachael photo - Web - White

RN: NMW0002023817

Rachael Clarke RN

Our Registered Nurse Injector Rachael has been working in the nursing industry for 5 years in a Cosmetic, Surgical and ICU setting. Rachael is an expert in lower face rejuvenation and providing structure and definition to the face. She believes in working closely with her clients to turn back the clock on ageing!

Rachael is also passionate about working closely with our skin therapists and she knows the benefits of treating skin conditions with treatments such as Factor 4 and Skin Needling. She knows that when people feel confident in how they look on the outside, it has incredible personal benefits for them on the inside. 

A note from Rachael, “I love my job because I love to empower people, building them up with confidence they may have lacked before. I aim to enhance individual beauty in a natural way. I endeavour to tailor treatments to magnify every individual’s unique beauty.”

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EN: NMW0002178495

Brad Whitehead

Brad is a cosmetic nurse that has been working in the healthcare industry for over 2 years. His background is predominantly surgical, pre and post-operative care of patients.

His passion for the cosmetic industry is driven by the desire to make clients feel the very best version of themselves. As a dedicated person to personal fitness and health, Brad understands the need to acknowledge the importance of how we see and feel about ourselves and is passionate about creating personalised, manageable treatment plans to create a fresh and natural rejuvenated look to all his clients.

“I’m extremely passionate about cosmetic treatments for male clients and how important this can go towards making someone feel refreshed and great about themselves regardless of age. Creating a plan that’s natural and working with your goals is a key priority for me. There’s still so much opportunity to educate males to have these types of treatments and I look forward to  inspiring more guys to meet me and have a chat about all that is Man vs Ageing

Brad‘s eye for detail and building a great rapport and relationship with his female and male clients has always been a key focus point, as he strongly believes client relationships help build the fundamentals of treatment. Knowing his client enables him to understand each client’s unique desires and maximises their treatment outcomes.

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