Lip Rejuvenation

Redefining Your Lips

Lip rejuvenation or enhancement helps reducing fine lines, defining your lips. Get those smooth, soft, full lips that you’ve always secretly envied!

Our lip shape and form is defined by the presence of natural sugars and elastin in the skin. The level of these substances decreases with time which results in the loss of shape. At Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Studio we can help you get those desired lips.

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Perfect your pout!

Get those smooth, soft, full lips that you’ve always secretly envied! Whatever you need, we can deliver, whether it’s reducing fine lines, defining your lips, lifting the corners, or adding volume. These cosmetic injections provide instant results that give your lips all the qualities you desire: volume, symmetry, balance, and border. Our highly skilled staff will enhance your appearance with natural-looking lips for a beautiful smile.

Lip Rejuvenation enhancement is not just about plumping your lips. A perfect balance of symmetry and artistry is needed for the perfect set of lips. There is even a mathematical equation, based on Phi (the Golden Ratio), where a bottom lip is 0.6 greater than the top lip. So the Phi ratio is 1:1.6. Lips also comprise of so many beautifying areas, such as your vermilion border, cupids bow, wet/dry border and more importantly, the corners of your mouth, which can form heavy marionette lines. The structure and support around your mouth is just as important when treating or enhancing an actual set of lips. It is very hard to consult a client over the phone and free consultations and treatments plans are offered at Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios.