Laser Rejuvenation

We offer professional laser rejuvenation treatments to help you regain that youthful appearance. This non-invasive procedure works quickly and effectively to give you the incredible results that you deserve. It is suitable to be administered on the face, torso, arms, hands, and legs.

All the benefits, none of the risks

Our laser rejuvenation treatments are administered by fully qualified staff to give you the best possible results. Laser rejuvenation is used to successfully treat a wide range of skin complaints. The incredible benefits of laser rejuvenation include, but are not limited to:

How it works

The laser rejuvenation treatment that we offer is a type of photo rejuvenation treatment. This means that a specific type of light is exposed to the relevant area of skin in order to treat it. A laser light is projected directly onto the skin cells in order to treat the blemishes and improve the overall appearance of the skin. This system is very accurate and precise, allowing our staff to provide you with amazing long-lasting results.

Removal of skin blemishes
Removal of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduction of scars, particularly acne scarring
Reduction of enlarged pores
Improved skin tone
Removal of liver spots
Treatment of damage from sun exposure
Treatment of skin lesions
Stimulation of collagen production
Overall improved appearance of the skin
Rejuvenation of skin that’s nonresponsive after a facelift