If you’re wondering what a peel is you’ve definitely come to the right Blog Page! I have never experienced a peel before and it will be interesting to show you the process of the treatment so you will know what to expect. There are a few different blends of essential acids that can help to resurface or brighten the skin.

If you suffer from sun damage, wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily skin, melasma, acne or uneven skin pigmentation certain peels can help improve smoothness, brightening and tightening. If you suffer from any hormonal discolouration which can include being on the pill or from being pregnant, peels can get your skin back on track to just the way you like it, a new and improved version.

We all should be more aware of the environmental damage our skin gets exposed to every day. I know some women don’t use sunscreen every day underneath their makeup, believing that their makeup offers enough protection….. But under the Australian sun, it doesn’t even come close !!  There’s so much research now to show that a minimum of 30+ up to a 50+ is essential to protect against pigmentation of the skin and it can get worse if you don’t look after it.

I will be heading into Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios in East Brisbane next week to take on the challenge of the most popular Anti Ageing and Rejuvenation Peel. I’ve been told to prep my skin beforehand with Lira products designed to ensure my skin is ready to accept the peel onto my skin. These products contain AHA’s which are acids I was told will help to ensure I achieve the very best result with my peel. The difference with these products is they contain a cosmetic strength of ingredient that will prepare my skin to accept the peel product whilst also ‘talk’ to the pigmentation cells in my skin to ensure that I get the very best result from this treatment. These cosmeceutical grade peel treatments can only be used on skin that is fully prepped, so my normal skin routine needed to be adjusted to cater for this level of treatment to ensure my skin responds well to the peel treatment.

Sounds exciting hey !!  

I can’t wait to see the difference in my skin as when I was pregnant, I noticed that it was very uneven and I ended up getting blackheads which aren’t nice especially when I have days when I want to wear no makeup.

Post-pregnancy my body and skin changed dramatically which I’m sure a lot of Mother’s out there can relate to, I really wanted to make a difference in my skin so I can start feeling more comfortable being makeup-free, as feeling your best is so important. I never really looked after my skin until now and regret not doing it sooner, if you can prevent all of this and do it at a young age I feel that it will work but if you’ve done it later in life like I have this peel will help for your future goals.

Well, I hope this blog has helped with women and men of all ages as this is targeted at anyone who wants to see a difference in your appearance naturally and for people who want to look after their skin for the future. And keep an eye out for the next blog from my experience.

Feel beautiful with the skin you’re in.

Renee (@blogbeautyglamfashion)