Meet Tania! One of our highly qualified Skin Therapists at BAWSS. Tania is here to talk to you about the Lira Clinical BIO Caviar Crème.

A perfectly formulated decadent and rich hydrating crème. The BIO Caviar Crème works to pamper skin with luxurious hydration and beautiful brightening botanicals. The formula restores skin beauty with Caviar extract, Silver, Gold and Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells.

Skin care tip: “The skin on your face is like denim, and the skin around your eyes is like silk.” 

Our solution? The Lira Clinical BIO Caviar Crème. Not only does it work to around the soft delicate under-eye area but it effectively treats your face skin as well! The Lira Clinical BIO Caviar Crème is the perfect two-in-one under-eye and face product.

The BIO Caviar Crème can treat fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation & uneven skin tone, redness & rosacea, enlarged pores and scarring. 

This luxurious lightweight product is available in our Skin Care range here.