For those that haven’t watched my journey along the way, I have been through the process of having Factor 4. A lot of people are getting confused with the Vampire Facial that Kimmy K did and Factor 4.

The first day I went into Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios to get my blood drawn it was in the morning, then they need to process and filter my sample in a special incubator to get that platelet-rich plasma, or as we refer to it as your own “liquid gold serum”. The experience was painless and effortless; the girls there were so professional and lovely. They made me feel very comfortable. I was a bit nervous beforehand but when it was all done, I said to myself was that it? It was so quick!

After they have done the process of the filter and incubating it gets frozen in the freezer, when it’s ready to be used all you need to do is hold the vile and let it melt in your hand and before you know it, it’s turned into liquid again. At the Redcliffe clinic, Shaun the Director of Factor 4, then skin needled it into my face. Mainly focusing on areas where I’m looking to prevent ageing, and to give me that overall rejuvenated feeling as I would like to not wear makeup every day, I’m soon about to have my 2nd treatment. I’ve done one and I can already see results. My skin looks more even and glowing. My pores are tighter too and even though I am tired with 2 little kids, my skin looks a lot more energised than before. I can’t imagine how good my 4th one will look  #glowing #yourmostbeautifulskinisFactor4 #youngerskin #factor4 – Just a few hashtags I usually use when posting as it says it all.

While Shaun was syringing Factor 4 on my face I was thinking about if the skin needling would hurt as I’ve never tried this before so it was a whole new element of excitement and nervousness at the same time, as he was doing this he was checking in on me to see if I was doing ok. The main part on where I could feel a tickle was around my chin and cheekbones, numbing cream is applied 30mins before this is all getting done so the pain wasn’t as bad as what I thought it was going to be. As you can see above is a picture of myself straight after it was done, if you would like to see all of the episodes please head to my YouTube and Subscribe to see the results from the day after.