Boost your Collagen!

Do you want to smooth out some of those fine lines and wrinkles a well as boost collagen and rejuvenate your skin? Then our NEWEST Hydration and Collagen booster is for you! Our newest Hydration Filler product is a different to other hydration products currently available. It is made up of stabilised gel molecule that is... Read More

My New Year Skincare Resolutions

New year and that means time for a new skincare routine Here are our 5 top tips to getting that glowing, flawless skin you’ve always wanted! Create your own personalized skincare regime. The person that knows you skin best is of course you. But it never hurts to get a little professional opinion to maintain... Read More

The Orgasm Doctor Will See You Now…

What if I told you, you could rejuvenate and reignite your sex life with a simple half an hour treatment? Until recently, there were very few options for women by way of feminine rejuvenation. Until now, the O-Shot® is an orgasm injection that is an absolute game changer, helping to improve lubrication, sensitivity, ease intensity... Read More

The Lunch Time Facelift

Have you been dreaming about a procedure that will help reverse the visible signs of ageing, but don’t want to go under the knife? We have your answer! The non-surgical face lift. Reshape your face and restore volume with The Silhouette Threads Facelift! This Dr only procedure works to lift, contour and define areas of... Read More

The Liquid Face Lift Is Here!

The 8 – Point Face Lift has arrived at Brisbane Anti Wrinkle The new age of Facial Fillers has finally arrived at Brisbane Anti Wrinkle and Skin Studios. We have taken Dermal Fillers to a whole new level with our new total face approach. Traditionally Dermal Fillers have been used in a concentrated area to... Read More
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